28 April 2009

just you're usual night out...

went and bought some boyfriend jeans made out of acid wash denim- the acid was left over from friday night.
we are also so post modern we live in a jumping castle instead of a house. except it popped the other day when our ciggie ashed out on it. now we just live on deflated plastic next time it rains we are going to trip out and make a giant water slide. because we area all rad and shit.

March 21 at 10:12am

hey ho.
just woke up coz I'm so hung from last night, I can't remeber where we were, possibly some 80s glam dance chill out club, but the drinks were uber expense so we drank goon in the toilets.
Then we headed home and played on the water slide with some cool randoms we met at some bar I think it was called Roxanne or Pony maybe, I really dont take notice of where we hang out as long as its underground, indy, queer, drug tripping, coffee drinking and fag smoking.
Anyway today we're all going to Vic Market to buy some fresh veggies which will sit in the fridge going rotten whisht we replace meals with cheap wine and pills, the Vegies at Vic Market are just so much cheaper than the consumer driven overpriced carrots that Coles have to offer...we're all taking our re-usable shopping bags aswell.

plans for tomorrow you ask...
well it is sunday... so i guess maybe doing a line of coke off a pew & then steal a cardigan from a grandpa on his way out from mass, because grandpa cardys are so in at the vegan/anarchist cafe when i'm sitting drinking my soy latte & coming down from last night and and i want an original none of that bullshit replica from FAT. speaking of FAT, i'm starting my own label it's called Phucken Phat, got a blog up with some music in german, can't understand the singer- but she's from berlin was formerly a man and wears a hat as a dress- really edgy. anyway my blog is full of photos of just me & my friends doing all sorts of crazy shit like wearing glasses with no glass only tortoise frames & being all kooky & posing with graffiti behind us and retro bicycles that we just found lying on the street. anway.. gotta run its 12 and i wanna watch the midday movie, on speed, standing on my head in an oversize black tee, with portuguese subtitles. that's how i roll..


so i was with this girl but now i'm hooking up with this guy who used to be with my ex but now my ex is seeing these two girls one is with another girl and she is hooking up with this other guy and he is with another guy and girl (twins i think?) and that guy is cheating on his guy with her ex and her ex is now my newest ex but not my newest ex girfriend..... and then i bought a tee from fat which said 'gender fuck' cause i am edgy like that and shit.


April 20 at 1:26pm ·

tell me about it. i was making out with my ex the other night, he's a great kisser and them my current girlfriend walked into the squat, so now she's broken off the engagement but I've got all the attention i wanted from it so Im kinda over it anyway and I don't believe in marriage anyway, its for traditionalists who conform to society, personally I reject society...even though I'm quite happy to not work and live off the government and everyone else's taxes. Anyhow I'm off now, going to have lunch (two rolled ciggies and a short mac). Se you tonight at the squat party, I'm not paying the $2 entry fee so I'll prob jump the fence, I'm also not buying the 50 cent goons on offer, I'll just get really smashed at home before I leave and then get everyone else to pay for my drinks.
See you in Gender studies on Thurs.


  1. I think this needs a better explanation kimmy, the only person who will find this funny is YOU, because your in the know?!