PS, it's OK

22 June 2013

04 August 2012

21 July 2012

potty things

fortune plant (extremely slow grower)

awesome new at swim two birds potholder (does 2 make a collection?)

09 July 2012

08 July 2012

microfibre everywhere i look


Carson Fisk-Vittori, Earth Friendly, 2012

one photo from the show, with more to follow soon.

Aesthetics Room
Until 22 July 2012

before, during, after

16 June 2012

just eat it

prawns and egg with pad thai on the side, just the way i like it!

07 June 2012

i've been busy...

...just working on a show

aesthetics room

new sculpture by: Carson Fisk-Vittori (Chicago), Sol Hashemi (Seattle), Leah Jackson, Antuong Nguyen & Adam Wood

Opening/preview: 6-8pm, Friday 6 July 2012
Exhibition runs till Sunday 22 July 2012

Mr Kitly, 381 Sydney Road, Brunswick


◯ white shoes
◯ speckle-y socks
◯ good pant length + choice of colour