26 March 2009

Magic words

I was supposed to graduate last night, but didn't. A few months ago, I confirmed over the internet that I would like to graduate in March, but I never heard anything. I wrote to student admin asking them to check, but still, nothing. On Wednesday afternoon (the day of my graduation) I check my uni email and lo and behold, there is an email sent on Tuesday evening from student admin cheerfully stating: "Dear Kimberly Ann, don't forget about your graduation! See you tomorrow!"

I tried to get hold of someone in graduations and after half an hour of calling the wrong number, I rang the regalia rental number. I said the magic words: "I am very unhappy about how this has turned out", the lady sputtered, and gave me the (correct) number to admin. I rang admin and said "I am very unhappy about how this has turned out", she sputtered and put me on to someone else. I repeated my magic words and hey presto! I now graduate in August.

These words have power! Next time I am going to start my customer service enquiries with these magical words.

1 comment:

  1. I wonder if I had uttered those words to numerous boys, I would have gotten the follow up-dates I wanted?