18 March 2012

March purchase

this year i am trying to do that thing again where i only buy one thing every month.

i do buy quite a lot of things, so this is me trying to buy more discriminately. i did it in 2011, and while i definitely wasn't able to commit to buying one thing a month (it was more like 2-4), it did make me think twice about what i was buying. it's also fun to look back at my 2011 list and to see what was a hit and what wasn't.

but anyway, it's not based on how much the item costs - although i usually only buy things on sale anyway - but rather where it's made (locally - either to me or to the designer), what it's made from (natural/plant-based fibres), its construction, and how it will fit in with the rest of my wardrobe.

so far in 2012 it's been difficult, but i am doing better than i did last year! my wardrobe is slowly shrinking and i can use wooden hangers now, but there is still a ways to go.

this month i bought a pair of brown robert clergerie sandals with a small heel. i've been keeping an eye on since late last year. they are from myer and were drastically reduced from around $700 to $125 

PS in the corner is my healthy philodendron xanadu!

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