18 March 2010


the other evening i heard Dai Fujiwara speak. Dai is creative director of Issey Miyake.

he screened this really cool video:

and he spoke at length about some really fascinating projects conducted by issey, like an expedition to the amazon to find the 'perfect green', a trip to some ocean to find the 'perfect blue' and using wind/vacuum as a basis of inspiration in one of his collections. really exciting stuff.

apoc (a piece of cloth) was another wonderful subject. basically, the concept is to utilise as much of the fabric with minimal waste. the pattern is placed almost like a jigsaw puzzle on a tube of cloth, so that they all fit together:

sometimes this results in seamless garments! which is so cool!

but essentially what this allows you to do is to cut a garment using much less fabric, eg. a suit from 5 metres of fabric instead of 125 metres.

he ended with this great anecdote that involved presenting design students with a mandarin orange and a piece of paper. students were told to peel the mandarin, and then to use the paper to replicate the peel so that it could be used to re-cover the mandarin. most approached the task using origami, until someone (a student, or the teacher?) decided to crush the paper into a ball over and over again, softening the material to the point where it could wrap around the mandarin perfectly.

awesome stuff!

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