20 February 2010

thinking about things while doing other things

  • the idea of a curatorial process that involves a 'gimmick' - for example, a set of restrictions or rules imposed rather than a critical/theoretical basis for curating? is a gimmick seen as a positive or negative thing?
  • prevalence of a style of artistic practice that involves creating/recreating a specific environment or lifestyle within the gallery space - usually with plants, macrame, chairs, tables (you know what i'm talking about), as well as a separate occurrence of an increasingly prevalent style that explores primitivism, tribes, totemism, talismans etc.
  • if you have access to financial backing that allows you to succeed (as opposed to relying on merit), is it such a terrible thing to accept?
  • audience participation
  • etiquette as not just an archaic means of protocol, but also as a politically and culturally discriminating matter that differentiates between what is acceptable and what is not: why it is ok to do something in one culture and why the same practice might be considered obscene within another
  • still thinking about humour in art

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