25 November 2009

November (reply post)

installing my first exhibition, painting is really fun and therapeutic
coffees at small block three days straight
wondering why all the staff there are so good looking, wishing i lived in east brunswick
not understanding how to use imovie, feeling perplexed
going to openings, supporting friends
having friends coming to my opening (thank you)
going to more openings
running into the past, it was not as bad as i expected
hungry eyes
hungry jacks for dinner
german rendezvous which didn't go to plan
encounter with a red indian in costume and full face paint
debrief over cheese, pickled onions and bread
too many words too write in too little time
going to even more openings, drinking too many drinks
being waved into events at the door, feeling like royalty
feeling lousy the next day
going back for more the next evening
house party
CC and dry (sublime)
midnight messages
"well if you don't want him i'll have him"
"i think i want him now"
being driven home...
...and going to yarraville
tea and music videos
up at 8.45am, coffee, driven to my doorstep
brunch, debrief, window shopping
canopy relaxing, cous cous cooking
thinking about december 2010
tiresome dinner date - felt like babysitting after he flung food at me
astroturf jetty hanging with a new crowd
running to an opening on my own just to say hi and bye
amazed at being able to go to an opening by myself
sorting out clothes for SS10
opening crawl down gertrude st --> brownies, mini quiche, brie, fig jam, olive bread, beer, champagne, amazing
dinner with someone i thought would never happen (it was really fun)
escaping the black hole at toff, nearly falling into one at hells
more openings, hello to friends and avoiding others
$4 beers WTF
chips for dinner, commiserating with fellow wounded soldier over bruised hearts and egos
8pm messages this time
hanging out with the other guy, deciding then that the 8pm message really wasn't necessary but it's too late now
inviting people to sit on your pseudo-date, realising what you've done and telling them that it wasn't a great idea to invite them over, can you please leave now?
getting numbers for pals 'because i got contacts'
sitting in the park till sunrise
feeling sick while doing errands
grace darling pourdown
karaoke showdown
realising pony is a truly horrible place
sitting on the steps till sunrise
bundoora at noon, got caught (inadvertently) doing a runner for lunch
45min trying to find a houseparty that was just round the corner
talking about a book machine (the conversation wasn't that good)
wandering around vca, followed by more wandering, followed by hellos and no-hellos
a nice dinner and 2 drinks
appreciating that the statement 'i like to read the internet before bed' is funny to some
trekking to abbotsford for an opening, got a lift on the way, nice art, nice weather
reassuring conversations

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  1. Backtracking

    OCTOBER weekend
    Freaking out about work.
    Tram home with wine
    Pizza and 3 lettuce leaves in bed with lu
    A second delivery man arrives
    Outfitting in borrowed shoes
    Cant find the gallery
    Hells kitchen as usual
    whiskey and wine
    Grain waves and an expensive mango
    Sitting with Kim
    Ranting at Kalinda again
    An old housemate returns
    Bouncer with a bad attitude
    Bourke Street party, stalled in the lift
    Crouching for saftey
    Judy Blume box set best gift ever
    Jamisons ended me
    Vomit on a rug
    Grumpy taxi driver
    Spending Sunday Horizontal (but not in the fun way)
    Another bloody bus
    Woody Allen and Whatever Works
    Avocado on toast, more please
    Twin Peaks again

    boss lost his phone again
    confused circuits in coles
    $3.45 blueberries
    television in bed
    Housemates return, Sheepishly clean the kitchen
    euro shopping show and tell
    Renderings of rock formations
    impromtue pow wow
    coffee on my scarf- good person- bad waiter
    leather lusting via k.bro
    Bushemi appreciation
    No shoes on the cow rug!
    Another pow wow
    three in the backseat
    heart flutters and serendipity
    A little let down,
    Ping pong analogies and paranoia
    Dumplings and a much needed debrief
    day drunk ruins sunday evening
    bed please?

    Home for left over cous cous
    Kicking deirdre out of the bathroom
    night time reading at federation square
    over dressed
    trades hall
    whiskey with no lime
    trying to tempt fate, foolish
    you can call me Al
    Talking Sweden
    A big brush off
    Witnessing real life murder on the dance floor, aka tragic and scary
    drunk alter ego
    Kenny Rogers- the gambler
    Locked out housemate
    grain waves in bed
    Sleep until ten
    corn on the cob in the sunshine of my yard
    Ricky Swallow for free
    blackcurrant maracoon, thanks Bernie
    Phycotic coffee
    Jewellers talk, followed by novice jewellers talking (shit)
    Piedemonties, decadent cheese purchase in a panic
    asleep by eleven
    rain drops on my head as I awake "I always knew id sleep in a tent, its kind of like that"
    Tax return and mother daughter quarrels
    Drawing drawing, research,
    Hot Water bottle.