10 November 2009

the hot tub's too hot

it's boiling in my room. i brought a fan up from the storeroom and into mine so it's slightly better...

i also have a new computer! it's a 13" macbook with a touchpad. I'm looking forward to the weekend and uploading all my crap from my old computer and into my new one. yay!

to celebrate, here is a photo of my fan, taking by my webcam.

next step will be to get a double bed.

PS> I can now Skype with whoever would like to Skype with me...


  1. damn it is it the new mac? the one with the non-removable battery?

  2. yeah new mac! not sure if it's the one with the non-removeable battery.. i think so.. but it has a really nice touchpad. sooo nice!