18 October 2009

proposal for an exhibition IV

With artistic collaborations, what usually emerges is a new creation that is the product of two creative inputs. Skills and ideas are compared and shared, and the result is a synthesis of this exchange.

What happens then, when two artists are asked to combine old work? In something that would be akin to comparing pasts, this is a request that is deeply personal. Old work is a product of the past and to be asked to revisit it would be like re-reading old diary entries. There has to be an existing relationship between the two artists, a pre-existing understanding of each other's history. I guess it might work if these artists were strangers, although this would definitely make it more difficult.

The combination of old work to create something new is an idea that needs further refinement... this will have to do for now.


  1. but if you can still bare to look at old artwork, it means you haven't progressed- wisdom from J.Mo. I agree. I hate everything I have previously made, because its been explored to death, done complete, moved forward. I guess there's always improvement on an old idea, sounds daunting

  2. then again, if someone added to my old work, or took it further, or approached in differently, that is what I would find interesting.