20 October 2009

mood killer

  1. When he tries to steer the conversation towards "Hey, that movie Where The Wild Things Are is out soon, do you want to see it?", immediately tell him how the best way and only way of watching movies in a cinema is to imitate the 'womb' experience - alone, in the dark and without interaction.
  2. If he tries to touch your wrist (or actually does) in response to some witty exchange, relate to him anecdotes about how you're going through a 'no touching' phase and that hugs are painfully awkward for you.
  3. Organise with a friend beforehand to stage an intervention phone call to provide a means of escape. It works better if you don't know what the scenario is so that the acting is more realistic.

...such a bitch


  1. IS SHE OK!!?? I'll hurry right over!
    I was convinced, you were convinced,

  2. happy ending for everyone, bar one