05 September 2009


The album isn't as bad as the review makes it out to be. It's definitely easy to listen to - it readily fades into to the background as a soundtrack for doing homework. I think what's happened is that he's taken his approach to photography and applied it to music, a meticulous method of working that perhaps has not translated as well as he has envisioned, especially since he's now approaching a different audience who might not be aware of his visual work and the way he approaches photography. But then again, perhaps the people buying this record are the ones who admire his work. The mimicry involved in the production of these songs is astounding and he's clearly gone to great pains to align himself with some of his favourite performers, technically and aurally.

At the moment one of my favourite magazines (of which production has apparently come to a halt?!) has links up to listen to a couple of his songs which are on the album.

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