20 August 2009

shoe exhibition thoughts

For the catalogue, I'd like to do something with an A3 size poster that folds down into something pocket-friendly. I'd also like to put a stitch through it in thread that corresponds to the colour of the exhibition. A booklet would be nice, but I think it might be a little bit pedestrian. I also thought of folding it in a special way, but then realised that to make this happen, it would be me who would be doing the folding.

Ideas that I have come up with that will not work:

  • Printing the catalogue on to an A0-size cardboard so that it makes it difficult for people to take it home
  • Sewing the catalogue shut so that people can't open it immediately
  • Why do I have to make things so difficult for people? Is this symptomatic of some kind of bitterness?!!

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