05 August 2009

proposal for an exhibition

This exhibition will reverse Thomas Hirschhorn's concept of conviviality.

The exhibition will involve a series of rigid rules that will be imposed upon a group of artists, e.g. "The object must be blue", "The object must be a triangle", "The tallest part of the triangle must be 30 cm" etc. Selection of artists will be based upon how stubborn, pedantic, unyielding and generally antagonistic they are. The artists will not be aware of this criteria.

The aim of this exhibition is two-fold: firstly, these rules are in place in order to achieve a uniform artwork from each of the participating artists, in spite of the fact that these selected artists are difficult to work with. Secondly, the ability of the curator to orchestrate such an exhibition will be a feat in itself, and the secondary goal will be to examine how relationships have progressed or deteriorated in the course of the show.

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