27 May 2009

grieving blondes (a portion)





Rosemary Laing, a dozen useless actions for grieving blondes, 2009

I managed to see this exhibition on its last day, which was fortunate. I hadn't been to Tolarno before (oops) and I couldn't find it for a while. I did in the end. Victory! It was a great show in an amazingly generous space. I guess the most astonishing thing was that the going rate of each print was US15,000 - unframed. They were pretty big (82 x 138cm) though...

My favourite is #05 because of the hand she's holding.

I wish I had taken some shots of the exhibition. Usually have my camera on me these days, but for some reason I left it at home on Saturday. Silly me!

I should really go see more exhibitions this year.

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