29 April 2009

task list

list of things i can do in my spare time:

  1. collect 'hellos'
  2. on the same note, maybe some networking too
  3. re-assess my collection of tights
  4. embroidery-as-therapy
  5. put unwanted items on ebay
  6. try to wear everything in my wardrobe at least once (without any consecutive repeats). i wonder how long that will take?
  7. stretch my bird teatowel on to a canvas - could be tricky, i am running out of wall space
  8. also figure out how to frame my vw handkerchief
  9. begin the hunt for "The artwork I believe to be representational of 2009" - maybe some found trash?
  10. try to replace emo sentiments like "i am sad" to "where are my angel cards, i need the divine beings to guide me through this period of my life and into the light"
  11. sort out my music folder
  12. finish unfinished sewing projects/books/films/etc
  13. build a bridge and get over it

1 comment:

  1. bridge building is an admirable task.
    Tell me, will you be using timber, cement or stone?